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Luke Combs Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight?

Do you always get criticized by people around you for your weight? Does the criticism motivate or demotivate your journey to losing weight? If you’re the latter, then Luke Combs weight loss should be your perfect motivation.


Luke Combs has had a tough journey to weight loss, proving he is a man of perseverance. In fact, his struggles with weight loss have been the center of lots of discussions, and his story will motivate you. So let’s explore Luke Combs weight loss journey.

Who is Luke Combs?

Born Luke Albert Combs, he is one of the most loved U.S. songwriters and country music singers who grew up in North Carolina. 

Luke Combs started his career early; this North Carolina native quit college to pursue his musical career. 

He did his first country music concert at the Parthenon Café, Boone.

Luke Combs married Nicole Hocking in 2020, and two years later, they announced that they were expecting their first child. Luke Combs is a talented singer with an impressive voice. In fact, Luke Combs has been nominated for various country music industry awards for his talent.

Luke Combs is known and loved for his down-to-earth personality. On top of that, he knows how to charm his fans using his beautiful country music. But despite his success, he has been criticized for his weight; therefore, he decided to drop some calories and transform his image.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

Luke Combs was coping with the weight issue until when his baby boy was born. In fact, he says that the birth of his child was the wake-up call he needed to finally change his life. Becoming a father gave Luke Combs the desire to be around for several years to raise his son.

Luke Combs has been overweight his entire adulthood but didn’t lose weight overnight. He had to sacrifice and change his lifestyle to lose weight. 

Some of the lifestyle changes Luke Combs had to make include working out for 5 days per week and quitting fast food.

Luke Combs became concerned about his cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and anxiety levels. Therefore, Luke Combs went for a weight loss regime. His hard work paid off when he managed to lose over 20 pounds.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Diet

Despite the challenges, Luke Combs weight loss journey was quite challenging. He managed to lose weight by quitting various types of foods. Luke Combs started consuming healthier meals, including some of the foods he loves. Some of the foods Luke Combs stopped eating include:

  • Processed carbohydrates
  • Soda
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Animal products
  • Junk foods

Luke Combs discovered that the only way he could lose weight was by making various simple choices. 

For instance, he stopped consuming fast foods and started eating packed homemade meals. And to avoid temptations, Luke Combs started carrying some protein bars every time he left his house for a long time.

Have you heard that skipping a meal a day can help you maximize weight loss? Yes, that’s true BUT, there can be some risks, too.

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Luke Combs Lose Weight Workout Plan.

Generally, Luke is a great performer who has been doing it for years. Therefore, he wanted to improve his performance by creating a better version of himself. To get back to his old shape, Luke Combs decided to stay more active by working out and following a strict diet.

To achieve his goals, Combs started working out daily. He focuses more on weightlifting and cardio exercises. He also works with Kevin, his trainer, who has helped him create a perfect body for performing on stage. He even started walking every day for between 30 to 45 minutes.

Is Luke Combs Weight Loss a Scam?

Recently Luke Combs weight loss gummies have become a popular talk with several people claiming that it’s a scam. Well, Luke Combs lose weight program is not a scam and is not associated with keto weight loss gummies. 

In fact, Chris Kappy, his manager, claims that the reports saying Luke Combs is involved with a weight loss gummies ad campaign are misleading.

The ads circulating featuring Lainey Wilson and Luke Combs promoting a keto weight-losing gummy are false. These folks are fraudsters and are using Lainey Wilson and Combs’s likenesses and images without their permission. Therefore, you should verify if the details are from a reliable source from either Lainey Wilson or Combs before making a purchase.

Luke Combs manager emphasizes that he isn’t associated with weight loss gummies. He claims that any ad stipulating otherwise is misleading and should be considered deceptive. Instead, you should rely on official communication from Luke Combs and his team for any endorsement.

Currently, there are no credible details regarding Joe Combs endorsing any weight program. In fact, the claims made by Combs has lost weight ads and endorsing a keto weight-loss gummy are false. But he did share his battle with physical fitness and weight with Joe Rogan. 

He expressed his desire to burn some calories and the regrets he’ll experience if he didn’t make the right choices. But there are few credible sources on Luke’s lost weight, so you should ensure its credible

Combs’ Weight Loss Before-And-After

It’s no surprise that Combs looks exceptional in his slim physique; after all, his dedication has finally paid off. In fact, his fans claim that he looks healthier than ever. 

Remember, before losing weight, he weighed about 226 pounds. 

Therefore, he looks more enthusiastic and energetic when singing on stage and even when meeting his fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Luke Combs lost weight?

Yes, his latest Instagram images show that he has indeed lost weight, with various sources claiming that he lost over 20 pounds. 

How did Luke Combs burn off the extra calories?

He started eating healthy and stopped consuming junk. To avoid the drive-through food courts, he started carrying packed lunch to work. He even started working regularly.

Is Luke Combs keto weight-losing gummies a scam?

Yes, Combs has never endorsed any weight-losing gummies. Therefore, you should verify the details before trusting anything you read online.


Being overweight can affect our self-esteem and make it hard for us to be around others. And in the worst-case scenario, we may get criticized for the extra weight, which can make our journey even longer. Luckily, celebrities like Luke have gone through this and managed to create a beautiful body that transformed their lives.

But just like Luke, you may need to find a motivation which in his case was the birth of his son. Luke changed his lifestyle and replaced junk food with healthy ones. He even started working out every day to stay fit.