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Sherry Yard Weight Loss: Workout, Diet, and Lifestyle

We all dream of having an admirable body and living a healthy life. Unfortunately, it can remain a dream for most of us, thanks to our surroundings. Sticking to our weight-loss plan can be quite challenging, especially when stressed.


If you’re surrounded by temptations and need some inspiration, then you should hear Sherry Yard’s weight loss story. Sherry is popular for her weight loss routine that helped her lose 10 pounds before every show since she would add more weight during the show.

Who is Sherry Yard?

Born in 1964 in New York, Sherry Yard is an American cookbook author, restaurateur, and chef. Yard is the master of pastries and baking cakes who keeps track of how much weight she loses before her show starts. 

Baking was her passion while young, and she managed to make it her profession. 

It’s the main reason why she chose culinary science in school.

Sherry began as a chef and managed to work for various popular restaurants like Tribeca Grill and the Rainbow Room. At the start of her career, she contested a baking competition on the food network. Since then, Sherry kept excelling and has never looked back.

Currently, she’s known for the popular dessert Kaiserschmarrn.

Yard has been a judge in lots of baking shows, with her popular one being “The Great American Baking Show.” Unfortunately, she has to taste various cakes prepared by the contestants, which results in her experiencing some weight gain per show. So she had to devise a way to remain in shape while still doing her job.

Other than being a judge in baking shows, she has authored 2 cookbooks and won several awards. She also managed to win various awards and prizes from numerous baking shows. Sherry Yard got married to Edward M. Ines in 2008, but they don’t have kids.

Sherry Yard Weight Loss Journey

As the Great American Show’s judge, she has to taste every meal prepared by the contestants. Plus, Sherry Yard confessed to loving food; therefore, if some contestants made over 2 things, she would always taste them.

On top of that, she has been in the culinary industry for years; after all, she has been a chef for some of the top restaurants in the country. Unfortunately, her career exposes her to temptations, and her love of food doesn’t help at all. Therefore, she needed a reliable method of staying fit in her weight loss journey.

She confessed in an interview with Jamonkey that her weight loss journey helps her lose about 10 pounds before every show. 

After all, she’ll be gaining 15 pounds while tasting the pastries and cakes in her shows.  Therefore, Sherry Yard’s weight loss journey has encouraged many people over the years.

Her determination and persistence to lose weight have guaranteed that she always remains in shape. At some point in her career, Sherry Yard stunned her audience when she dropped a few pounds.

Exposure to pastries has made Sherry Yard change her lifestyle. Losing weight is a hobby for her since she manages to achieve her target body within a short time.

The Secret to Sherry Yard Weight Loss Journey

Her journey to staying fit isn’t easy since it takes a lot of discipline to avoid food when you’re surrounded by it. Fortunately, her weight loss journey takes place in phases instead of throughout her career. Remember, she has to taste high-sugar desserts and pastries several times while doing her job.

Therefore, her main goal is to burn calories before she starts a new show. This way, Sherry Yard remains fit thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

Sherry Yard Weight Loss Plan: Workout Routine

Like all of us, Sherry Yard wants to look great when she looks at herself in the mirror. She also wants to look great for her audience; therefore, she exercises like most people who want to lose their excess weight. 

The main reason why she combines working out and a healthy diet is because of her career as a chef and cooking competition judge.

Sure, a chef is quite active since she is always moving all over her kitchen and even going to the market to look for her ingredients. But that isn’t enough to burn the extra calories she gains; therefore, she does hit the gym.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t disclosed her routine that helps her with her weight loss journey. However, she does engage in various exercises that stop her from gaining weight. According to most sources, her routine includes push-ups, jogging, walking, and squats. But her favorite routine that helps her lose weight is cycling.

Sherry Yard Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Generally, Sherry Yard’s weight loss begins even before she starts her shows. And one part of her routine is strictly following a healthy lifestyle. So when preparing her meals, she must confirm that the ingredients won’t affect her weight loss goals. She ensures that the ingredients help her with her weight loss journey.

Sherry Yard ensures that everything she uses to prepare her meals boasts her fat-burning hormones, which is ideal for her weight loss goals. So when losing weight, you should stay away from soft drinks, dairy items, tin-packed food, sweets, and processed food. But most importantly, you should monitor how much weight you lose per week or month.

Remember, her main goal is to lose 10 pounds before her shows since she’ll gain about 15 pounds during the show. Therefore, she usually consumes low-calorie foods and nutrition-based diets. Remember, she tastes pastries and cakes in the shows, so she tries and balance it with her unique diet.

Therefore, while at home, she sticks to consuming less sugar which is ideal for burning extra calories. Sherry Yard’s weight loss journey includes more veggies and fresh fruit. Her diet is mainly composed of the following:

To avoid junk food and snacks, Sherry Yard always keeps a healthy snack like fruits around. The fruit complements her diet. But most importantly, she always stays away from takeout food and always prepares healthy food for her family. This grants her an opportunity to prepare some delicious weight-loss-friendly dishes and healthy soups.

How Does Sherry Yard Manage Her Weight?

Generally, managing her weight is part of her daily routine, especially since she loves food. Therefore, she does everything possible to keep her health stable. And this includes creating her unique healthy recipes.

Sherry Yard has created lots of recipes that are weight-loss friendly. These recipes feature a balanced diet with some unique ingredients that trigger fat-burning hormones. Her main objective is to create a perfect balance between exercise, relaxation, and diet.

Another key to her success is moderation. Sherry consumes her weight loss meals in moderation and always ensures that she never overdoes it. After all, satisfaction and relaxation are crucial to her success; therefore, she works out regularly.

Tips to Losing Weight Like Sherry

Generally, Sherry underwent a unique transformation that’s visible in her photos and videos. She isn’t as chubby as she used to be in the past. According to Sherry, some of the key tips that have helped her lose weight include:

  • Avoid processed and fatty foods: she stays away from commercial beverages, frozen meals, and protein bars, among other meals.
  • Eat in moderation: instead of eating as much as you can, you should always consume nutritious meals in moderation. But make sure you mix it with flexibility, stability, strengthening, and aerobic workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight did she lose?

Generally, she loses weight in phases, but when she started, Sherry Yard lost over 60 pounds in her weight loss journey. And to keep fit, she always ensures that she loses 10 pounds before her shows start to counter the 15 pounds she’ll gain during the event.

How long did it take to transform her body?

Sherry Yard’s weight-loss journey took over a year, but it may vary with individuals. To remain fit, she adopted a healthy lifestyle that helped her stay fit despite being exposed to cakes and pastries.

What did Sherry Yard do to lose weight?

Exposure to food and her love for food has made it hard for most folks to lose weight. Therefore, Sherry had to adopt a strict diet, and workout routine that helped her reach her goals. But most importantly, self-discipline matters a lot when it comes to losing weight.


Sherry considers weight loss to be one of her top routines that helps her do her job well. After all, she is a chef by profession, which means she has to be active while working. Therefore, she adopted a strict diet and workout plan that helped her stay fit.

On top of that, she is exposed to sugary foods while working and even tastes the pastries and cakes prepared by contestants. She has to be very disciplined to ensure that she loses 10 pounds before her show. Therefore, Shelly has been a great inspiration to many people who are surrounded by temptations while trying to lose weight.