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Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss: Designing a Healthier Lifestyle 

Angel Strawbridge, widely recognized as the host of the popular TV show “Escape to the Chateau,” is not just an interior design enthusiast but an inspiring figure in health and wellness. 

While she gained fame for her creative talents, it’s her remarkable weight loss journey that has captured the attention of fans worldwide. 

Many people are interested to know more about Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss, and you’re probably one of them. 

Keep on reading as we unlock the secrets beyond the weight loss transformation of Angel Strawbridge. What did she eat? Did she undergo weight loss surgery? Read on to learn more. 

Who is Angel Strawbridge? 

Angel Strawbridge, a prominent personality in the world of design and television, has captivated audiences worldwide with her creative flair and passion for interior decoration. 

Born on August 7, 1978, in London, England, Angel, whose full name is Angel Adoree, grew up with a fascination for art and design from an early age.

Angel’s journey to fame began when she launched her vintage-inspired brand, The Vintage Patisserie, which quickly gained popularity for its unique and charming style.

However, it was her appearance as the co-host of the British television show “Escape to the Chateau” that propelled her into the spotlight. 

The show, which first aired in 2016, follows Angel and her husband, Dick Strawbridge, as they undertake the ambitious project of renovating the 19th-century Chateau de la Motte. 

Beyond her creative pursuits, Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey has also become a significant aspect of her public persona. 

Her dedication to embracing a healthier lifestyle and her commitment to her well-being have struck a chord with fans, who admire her resilience and determination.

She is also an accomplished author, having penned several books that offer insights into her design philosophy, culinary expertise, and life experiences. 

In addition to her creative endeavors, Angel is an advocate for body positivity and self-love. She uses her platform to promote a message of embracing one’s unique qualities and finding beauty in every individual. 

The Beginning of a Journey 

Like any other success story, the results did not emanate overnight. It took a few months before she noticed massive changes. More than patience, determination and discipline were key elements in her success in losing weight. 

It was in 2009 when Angel Strawbridge weight loss began. Before this quest, she weighed 176 pounds (80 kilograms). 

There was no external pressure that forced her to lose weight. Angel began dieting as a personal decision, one that she believed could help her become a better version of herself. 

Key Elements of the Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey 

Now, you’re probably curious about what she did to lose weight. Below are some things that were highly instrumental in her healthy weight loss. 

The 80/20 Rule 

One of the key players in the Angel Strawbridge weight loss transformation is the 80/20 rule. This was one of the pillars of her weight loss diet plan, which proved to be effective. 

According to the 80/20 rule, one must eat a healthy and balanced diet 80% of the time while enjoying eating other foods in moderation 20% of the time. 

The best thing about this rule is that it doesn’t deprive you of the good things in life. You have the time to cheat, but even so, you must do so in moderation. Discipline is an important part of the equation. 

Even if she had the chance to eat not-so-healthy foods 20% of the time, the Angel Strawbridge weight loss emphasized mindful eating. She avoided processed and junk food. She also got rid of sugar from her diet. 

Instead, to implement a healthy weight loss program, the wife of Dick Strawbridge focused on eating home-cooked and healthy food. 

Salad, freshly squeezed juices, olive oil, and occasional fish and chicken were among the staples in her strict diet plan. 

Taking the Time to Work Out 

If you want to lose weight, it’s not enough that you eat clean food. They can help, but they won’t suffice. As such, a regular workout routine is also one of the crucial components in the success of Angel Strawbridge weight loss. 

To demonstrate her dedication to her goal, Angel Strawbridge scheduled workout sessions five to six times a week. 

Her exercise routine included 20 minutes of cardio, as well as light body training. At times, she would have 20 minutes of resistance training. Then she would pair it with light exercises for ten minutes. 

At times, she would also go swimming and cycling. These activities helped eliminate fats in her legs while also improving her flexibility. 

Some days, she would also do weight training. Dumbbells were a big part of her workouts, which she would often pair with resistance bands. 

More so, a big part of her weight loss success is her husband, Dick Strawbridge. They both had a regular exercise regimen. They did yoga, but primarily to manage stress and not necessarily to lose weight. 

She also stayed active in the garden. Doing so did not just help her but it also made sure she was shedding off pounds while doing something she loved. 

Overcoming Challenges: Angel’s Struggles and Triumphs

Angel’s weight loss was not without challenges. Like many individuals on a similar path, she faced moments of self-doubt, plateaus, and temptation to revert to old habits. 

However, she remained steadfast in her commitment and overcame these obstacles through perseverance and dedication. Each triumph, no matter how small, fueled her motivation to keep pushing forward.

Throughout her weight loss story, Angel had the unwavering support of her friends and family. Their encouragement and belief in her capabilities played a crucial role in her success. 

Having a support system can make a significant difference in one’s weight loss, providing emotional support and motivation during challenging times.

More so, Angel experienced a significant mindset shift during her journey. She embraced a positive outlook, focusing on what she could achieve rather than dwelling on past setbacks. 

This change in mindset empowered her to stay committed and view challenges as opportunities for growth.

Angel Strawbridge did not lose weight quickly. Nonetheless, she proved that patience is indeed a virtue, even when it comes to weight loss. 

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Overall, the Angel Strawbridge weight loss journey is an inspiration to many people. She had a busy schedule managing her real estate, career, and family, yet she has proven that losing weight isn’t impossible, especially for someone dedicated and disciplined. 

From eating healthy meals to exercising regularly, Angel Strawbridge has been proactive in managing her weight. And she did it successfully! Now, she remains an inspiration for people who find it difficult to start. 


How many pounds did Angel Strawbridge lose? 

Throughout the inspiring Angel Strawbridge weight loss journey, she lost approximately 33 pounds (15 kilos). 

Did Angel Strawbridge undergo weight loss surgery? 

There have been persistent rumors that Angler Strawbridge has undergone weight loss surgery. The designer, however, belied such claims and emphasized that no surgical interventions took place. 

What did Angel Strawbridge do to lose weight? 

It was a combination of a healthy lifestyle, including a strict diet plan and light exercises, which took approximately 30 minutes five to six days a week.